Free empire building game remindig Civilization


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When a game becomes a symbol for a lot of gamers, usually we see how lots of similar games come out from development quarters. In this case, C-Evo is based on the successful Civilization.

C-Evo has the same good flavour of Civilization, but this one is free.

In C-Evo your goal is to lead your empire to the top, evolve, discover new power sources, new tecnics and communications, etc.

Make your empire more powerful than the rest of empires surrounding you and lead it to victory.

Put your stratedy skills to the test and check if you would be as good as Napoleon.

Build buildings and factories, invest in new technologies, lead your troops to war, have realtions with other empires,...

Graphics are good enough to make the gaming experience to be satisfactory.

If you need an strategy game but you don't want to spend any money, C-Evo can suit your needs perfectly.
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